• Edging

    Tidying lawn edges keeps the grass looking neat and prevents it from spreading into borders. We can include this with our lawn mowing service.

  • Garden closing

    When autumn nights start to get cold, it’s time to prepare your garden for winter. Winterizing not only makes your garden look better during the cold weather months, but will make for easier work in the spring and will protect less hardy plants from the cold. Start closing your garden down when there is frost in the forecast or the temperature consistently starts to drop to the low 40’s or mid-30’s (Fahrenheit), usually around late October or November.

  • Grass cutting

    We can provide regular lawn mowing services to homes, businesses, schools and councils. We will visit you and give you a free estimate for cutting your lawn on a regular basis. Regular lawn mowing services can be scheduled weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even quarterly.

  • Hedge cutting

    Hedge trimming is an art. Although it seems like a straightforward task, hedge trimming can have disastrous effects if carried out by an unskilled handler. The temptation is to keep on trimming when really it’s about crafting the shape of the hedge to produce a highly aesthetic end result. We always achieve to a desired effect and will work with you to produce the result you want from your hedge.

  • Litter collection and car park sweeping

    The most attractive commercial premises can be undermined by an unkempt car park. The first place your customers see when they arrive at your establishment is your car park, and a poor first impression can influence your entire corporate image.

  • Organic fertilization

    Okay! Lets keep this simple. Mother Earth grew this fantastic planet we live on without the aid of man-made chemical enriched fertilizers to make things grow. I for one would much rather my children and pets were able to play in the garden with the knowledge that it is free from potential toxins.

  • Pruning

    Most shrubs benefit from regular pruning to remove old wood, improve shape and encourage flower. However, there are some exceptions. So let us take care of those shrubs that you paid all that money for so that you can get the most beautiful foliage possible from them.

  • Tree surgery

    At Gardiens Du Jardin we are professional, friendly tree surgeons offering the highest standard of tree felling and tree surgery services across Quebec City and surrounding areas. We're proud to deliver quality tree surgery services, ensuring we produce the required end result.

  • Weed control

    What’s worse than bunch of ugly weed sprouting up all over the place? Our organic treatment service controls all types of weed throughout the year.


  • Decking

    Gardiens Du Jardin provides a personal service that makes the experience of designing and constructing a timber or composite deck as effortless as possible. Our decks are planned and designed exclusively to your individual needs at realistic prices.

  • Fencing

    Add beauty and value to your property with a maintenance-free fence! Gardiens Du Jardin offers various fencing styles in wood, iron, chain link, and aluminum. We have a variety of styles to suit you whether your property is residential, commercial, or industrial.

  • Patio

    A fantastic and long lasting alternative to decking, paving is easy to maintain. It just needs an occasional jet wash, and will last as long as your house, good to look at and can increase the value of your property. With our experience and know how we'll make sure that your patio project is managed, organised and completed on time.

  • Stone masonry

    Gardiens Du Jardin is experienced in the installation of natural stone, granite, marble and high quality architectural pre-cast concrete. Our professional stonemasons carry out both traditional masonry and modern cladding techniques.

  • Turfing

    We can lay a new lawn, or repair an old one that is in poor condition. We can improve the lawn with our feeds and our lawn maintenance program which includes aerating and scarification to help give the grass a chance to succeed.

    Or you may prefer a specific grass seed mix to suit the demands of your garden. On commercial sites, we can apply the same principles so that visitors to your premises get a good first impression of your company.

  • Water features

    We install ponds and water feature and are happy to discuss what might suit your needs, whether it be a small garden fountain, a stone monolith or pond. The sound of water is incredibly soothing and to watch the flow of water can be quite mesmerising, so the addition of a water feature can instantly create a relaxing area for you to enjoy.


  • Education

    Let us help you start a community garden at your place of work or school. All it takes is a plot the size of a couple of parking spaces to reap the rewards. We can come and educate your employees, students or pre-schoolers on how to grow the simplest of vegetables, fruits and flowers. For little cost they will be able to take them home and enjoy with their families. It is a proven fact that a little moment in the garden can help people relax. This is why its such a good idea to start this experience in your place of work.

  • Garden design

    Whether you are looking for a few ideas for a town house garden or a complete makeover of your holiday home we can create an inspirational garden.
    When designing a garden we take a long term view of the project as a whole, working with customers over an extended period of time. This means that we are there as the garden develops, adapting it as your circumstances change. We understand that the best gardens were never created overnight and change is inevitable as time moves on. Critically, we focus on the need to offer low maintenance solutions which are cost effective.
    We offer a flexible approach to creating your garden, offering a fully integrated design and construction service. This one stop shop concept has the benefit of being tailored to your needs, so that we can offer a range of options, such as your project being phased over a period of time.

  • Hanging baskets

    Seasonal flower displays make a great first impression. The plants and colours used can be tailor made to complement your brand or image. Whether your business be a large office block, hospital, public house or anything else, we can help you to bring colour and wow factor to the outside spaces. We can tailor colour schemes to match your brand or even to celebrate a national holiday or sporting event.

  • Lighting

    Garden lighting adds an alternative dimension to your garden; extending the day is just part of it - outdoor lighting can provide a totally different view from the daylight perspective, be it for the summer barbecue, or as an alternative to closing the curtains on cooler, damper evenings. Part of the garden lighting design process is about choosing and applying creative garden lighting effects - then the task is to achieve a beautifully lit garden without seeing the light fittings, so skill in choosing the correct garden lights for the patio, terrace and features as well as outdoor lights for the house is the counterpart to artistic exterior lighting design.

  • Tree houses

    Imagine an enchanting tree house retreat high up in a leafy bough – a place to relax and enjoy a drink with friends on a warm summer’s evening watching the setting sun and listening to the hoot of an awakening owl...

    Or providing the children in your life with a fantasy hideaway where they can stimulate their endless imaginations in natural surroundings by making a part of the garden their own.

  • Upcycling

    Coming from England I love an old-fashioned, cottage garden! What better way to showcase those worn and imperfect antiques and flea market finds than to incorporate them into your garden landscape? This is the perfect way to personalize your outdoor haven and add character to your garden! Let us look at your old junk and see if we can incorporate any of it into your garden . Or if you’re feeling brave send us out to find a great focal point to your garden. Take a look at these charming examples of ways you can add architectural salvage and vintage finds - recycled and repurposed - to your garden!

  • Vegetable garden

    The vegetable garden has traditionally been located in an area separate from other parts of the landscape because it was considered unsightly. With proper planning, however, the vegetable garden can be both functional and attractive. Let us advise you on how you can incorporate your vegetables with your bedding plants or even along a fence.